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OiNk! Build makeshift contraptions from a huge collection of parts and make it to the goal without blowing your vehicle to pieces!
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Jun 20, 2023
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IGN’s “Best Mobile Game of 2012” Winner!

“Extremely fun and very challenging” — Kotaku

“The best title Rovio has released yet” – IGN

“4/4 – Must Have” — Slide to Play

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Bad Piggies, developed by Rovio Entertainment, flips the script on the Angry Birds universe, allowing players to take on the role of the mischievous green pigs. This unique mobile game shifts the focus from destruction to construction, challenging players to design and build inventive contraptions to help the pigs reach their objectives. With its clever gameplay mechanics, engaging puzzles, and charming visuals, Bad Piggies offers a refreshing twist within the franchise.

In Bad Piggies, players assume the role of the pigs who are determined to obtain the precious eggs that have eluded them for so long. Instead of flinging birds, the game tasks players with constructing vehicles and contraptions to transport the pigs across each level, collecting stars and reaching the goal. The puzzles require critical thinking, as players must consider weight distribution, propulsion, and the clever use of various parts to create functional machines.

The gameplay of Bad Piggies is where the game truly shines. The construction aspect allows for incredible creativity, as players can experiment with different combinations of components to craft their contraptions. The game gradually introduces new elements, such as springs, engines, and balloons, expanding the possibilities for innovative designs. This variety ensures that each level presents a unique challenge, keeping players engaged and motivated to devise the perfect contraption.

Visually, Bad Piggies maintains the charm and vibrant style associated with the Angry Birds franchise. The levels are filled with detailed environments, showcasing a variety of locations and obstacles. The animations of the pigs and their contraptions are delightful, and the sound effects add a whimsical touch to the gameplay experience.

While Bad Piggies offers a refreshing take on the Angry Birds universe, some players may find the game's learning curve to be a bit steep. The complexity of constructing functional machines can be initially overwhelming, requiring patience and experimentation to fully grasp the mechanics. However, once players become familiar with the concepts, the satisfaction of successfully completing a level becomes even more rewarding.

The game's monetization model is fair, as in-app purchases are not required to progress through the game. Players can earn virtual currency by completing levels and achieving high scores, allowing them to unlock additional parts and power-ups. While the option to purchase additional currency exists, it does not disrupt the balance of the gameplay experience.

In summary, Bad Piggies brings a fresh and inventive twist to the Angry Birds universe, allowing players to embrace their inner engineer and construct wacky contraptions. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, charming visuals, and creative challenges, Bad Piggies offers a delightful puzzle experience that stands on its own merits. Although the learning curve may be steep for some, the reward of mastering the art of piggy contraption construction is well worth the effort. Whether you're a fan of the franchise or simply looking for a unique puzzle game, Bad Piggies is a delightful choice that will keep you entertained for hours.

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