Features that Google’s Pixel Tablet outperforms IPad Air

iPads are one of the best tablets available in the market, and with the advent of Google’s first tablet, the Pixel Tablet, competition in the tablet market has increased, and many people have begun to compare iPads, including: iPad Air with Pixel Tablet, and although both have excellent specifications, you will notice that the Pixel Tablet outperforms the iPad Air with some simple features that we will explain below:

1- Quickly unlock the screen:

Both the Pixel Tablet and iPad Air have a fingerprint sensor built into the power button, but they don’t take the same approach when it comes to how to unlock the screen. On iPad Air, you must press the power button to wake up the screen first, then you must slightly release your finger on the same button to bypass the lock screen and unlock the device.

On the Pixel Tablet and many other Android tablets and phones, there is no need for these steps. All you have to do is touch the power button for less than a second and the device will open directly without having to turn on the screen first and long press the power button to scan the fingerprint.

2- Better dealing with incompatible applications:

For iPhone-only apps that are not compatible with iPad, you can download them to the iPad, but they will either work in the middle of the screen with black edges or appear in full screen width but in low resolution. These apps do not support any of the iPad’s app features such as Slide Over or Multi-window.

This is very different from the way Android only handles apps that are compatible with the phone, it adapts well to the large screen size, so you will find that the Pixel Tablet handles those apps better than the iPad. Apps in the Pixel Tablet expand vertically and sometimes display full-screen but either way, they don’t lose much resolution.

On the other hand, you can use multi-window with these apps when you choose the horizontal position of the device with the ability to run another application on the other side of the screen.

3- Better support for keyboard split mode:

Both iPad Air and Pixel Tablet allow keyboard detachment to make all characters more accessible. But Google’s Gboard keyboard, available on Android tablets, supports portrait mode or landscape mode, and you’ll be able to press all buttons on both sides of the screen easily, and type comfortably regardless of the mode you choose for the device.

4- Better manage notifications:

Android offers better ways to manage notifications in your Pixel Tablet than iPadOS with the iPad Air. On iPad, all notifications from a specific application must be enabled or disable completely without the ability to disable certain notifications in the application and allow other notifications to arrive from the same application.

As for the Android system, it contains a feature called (notification channels) added to the version of (Android 8.0 Oreo) in 2017, which allows you to choose the notifications you want to see in the Pixel Tablet, so you can, for example, choose to limit notifications that arrive from the WhatsApp application to notifications for calls only.

5- Multitasking in portrait mode:

The iPad Air doesn’t allow you to split the screen into two windows in portrait mode, but only in landscape mode, while Android supports split-screen in portrait mode, allowing you to work in two apps at the same time in the Pixel Tablet and they will appear on top of each other.


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