Google Chat reveals new features coming soon

Google has unveiled seven new features coming to its instant chat service “Google Chat” in order to improve the experience of communicating with family, friends and co-workers.

The Smart Compose feature comes at the forefront of the new features added to Google Chat, and it allows responding to messages easily and quickly by displaying appropriate suggestions to complete phrases and sentences according to the context while reducing spelling and grammar errors, and this feature supports several languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, and will be available for the web version of the Google Chat service initially.

Google had previously added this feature within other services such as the Gmail email service and the Docs document service.

Google also introduced a feature to modify messages after sending them to make sure they are clear and correct, with the ability to delete them completely and write another new message.

Another feature that has become available in Google Chat is the ability to quote a message when sending a reply within the conversation, and it also allows the user to reply to a specific message, which is especially useful within chat groups.

Within chat groups, Google will also let other users know who read the message sent within the group.

Google pointed to other features such as the feature of adding a link to a word or phrase within the message by selecting the text to be created a link to, and then choosing “Insert Link” in the text formatting toolbar that appears automatically, and this feature will replace sending links to long Internet pages.

Google allowed users to hide inactive conversations, and the ability to add apps to Google Chat to get more features such as adding Giphy for sharing motion pictures and other available apps.


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