How to use LinkedIn’s advanced search tools?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for job search and networking with professionals and companies. This platform contains advanced search tools that help you get more accurate search results, and save you a lot of time and effort, and below we will explain how to use these tools:

What is Advanced Search in LinkedIn?

Advanced search is not one particular tool but means using certain options and filters while searching via LinkedIn to find what you need more efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for a job or want to join a specific LinkedIn group or community, you can access the best options available. Just think about the appropriate keywords and filters to apply while conducting advanced research.

How to use LinkedIn’s advanced search tools:

Here are 5 ways you can do an advanced search on LinkedIn to get more accurate results:

1- Enter specific and appropriate search words:

Go to the LinkedIn search box, type the name of the occupation you’re interested in, press Enter, and you’ll be taken to a new page with a mix of results related to the search term you entered, including people, groups, jobs, and courses. To get the right results, focus on choosing the right and specific search words that indicate the job title you are looking for.

2- Choose a candidate for the search results:

Your search results will appear in several categories: jobs, people, engagements, groups, courses, events, products, businesses, schools, and services. You can choose a specific category by clicking its tab, and you’ll be taken to another page with more results for that category.

In addition, you’ll find the All filters button that allows you to apply additional filters for more detailed results.

3- Use the All Filters tool:

The All filters tool (All filters) gives you different options depending on the page you’re working on, and allows you to add additional filters to the search results for that category.

For example: Suppose you are looking for a graphic design job, and you choose the category (jobs), you can then click on the (All filters) button, and activate advanced search filters to get more specific results, through the All Filters tool you will find multiple options to filter the results, including: (Location), (Company Name), (Date Posted), type of work if it is remote or not (On-site/remote) and others.

After adding the filters you want, click on the Show Results button, and you will be taken to a page with more accurate results for what you are looking for.

4- Use filters within categories:

In addition to the useful All filters tool, you’ll find other search options on each category’s page. If you click on the Companies tab, for example, you can then choose specific locations, company sizes, and industries in which the companies you are looking for specialize. You’ll find these options visible at the top of your company’s search results.

On the other hand, the jobs page comes with its own set of filters for advanced search, including (date posted), (experience level), (salary) salary, and (easy apply).

5- Make your search terms accurate:

You can make your search terms as accurate as possible by adding parentheses and the word “not”, “or”, and (and), this way you will be guaranteed to get results that match the search term more.


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