Instagram brings virtual gifts to additional regions

Instagram has announced that Reels content creators in many regions are eligible to receive virtual giveaways in the app via a dedicated button within clips, and this comes after the platform launched in February virtual gifts for US-based Reels creators.

Virtual giveaways are a way for content creators to get support from followers and generate revenue, as gifts in the form of stickers are available in different purchase amounts, and people can buy these stickers and share them directly on the Instagram app to show their appreciation to the content creators of Reels.

Virtual gifts become effective over the next few weeks in additional parts of the world, and creators eligible to receive gifts are shown the option to submit a gift that appears via Reels clips.

Viewers can use this option to send virtual gifts to creators in different amounts of cash. Users pay for Gifts in Stars, Meta’s in-app currency, and gifts are currently available from anywhere for $6 each.

Depending on the platform, viewers can buy stars and use them to send gifts to content creators. Every month, Instagram provides a share of revenue from Reels clips that received gifts equal to one cent for each star the clip receives. For example, if someone sends a gift of 100 stars, the creator gets a $1.

This amount is not huge, but accumulative, and for large accounts, which have a lot of fans, this method may provide additional income each month.

The platform has set a set of conditions for a creator to be eligible to receive virtual gifts, including a professional account and a total balance of $25, which also includes earnings from other monetization programs.

The creator also needs a connected account to receive payouts, be over 18 years old, be Instagram monetized, and have more than 5,000 followers in the app.

As a result, a content creator, who meets the requirements, will soon get a new way to make money from Reels clips.


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