LinkedIn brings authentication to job postings

Business social network LinkedIn announced on Monday that it is bringing the documentation feature to job posts, after launching it to users last month.

The company said in a blog post that it has now started showing documentation information related to jobs, including: documenting the job post or the company that published it.

When users see documentation information in job posts, it helps them ensure that the information received is documented either from the job publisher, LinkedIn, or one of its partners.

The authentication information will appear if the publisher belongs to an official company page, or if the email address, workplace or government ID has been authenticated by CLEAR.

“We offer these documentation processes to help you feel confident in your research, and give recruiters the opportunity to build trust with potential candidates,” the company wrote in its post.

“We’ve now started documenting job postings, and as access to our free documentation tools expands, you’ll see more of them across the jobs you explore.”

Last month, LinkedIn introduced new ways to authenticate identity and workplace for users. Unlike Twitter, Meta’s new verification procedures don’t include paid subscriptions or blue verification tags.

At the time, LinkedIn said it believed documentation should be made available to everyone, which is why its authentication features would be available for free.

Unlike Twitter and Meta, which combine authentication with additional features, LinkedIn chooses to keep its authentication features focused on authenticating users in an effort to provide an extra layer of protection when it comes to fake or fraudulent accounts.


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