LinkedIn goes big on new AI tools for recruitment

LinkedIn has unveiled a series of new AI features covering job search, marketing and sales products to keep abreast of what the world of work is thinking these days, and to keep nearly one billion users engaged across its platform.

Talent recruitment platform Recruiter uses generative AI to allow recruiters to find job candidates by asking questions in natural language. It also means that search results also contain more suggestions outside of what recruiters might think they’re looking for.

LinkedIn Learning integrates AI into an educational trainer designed primarily to act as a trained chatbot to provide tips and suggestions.

The instructor may suggest actual courses, and also provide information and advice to users, as the platform itself has a huge list of educational videos, covering both soft skills and technical skills and other knowledge needed for specific jobs.

Marketing is also getting an AI boost, especially with the new product called Accelerate, which allows marketing professionals to create advertising campaigns in a few clicks, as the professional social network uses technology from OpenAI to develop features.

Internal sales and selling to B2B audiences are also being processed by AI, with salespeople focused on B2B selling taking advantage of LinkedIn to find new customers or to connect with those in their networks.

The new AI feature is a search function to help you find those potential contacts more easily and have conversations with these leads.

LinkedIn has more than 950 million members, the vast majority of whom do not pay for the service. The platform gets paid from recruiters, marketing and sales professionals in exchange for access to its dataset.

Previously, customers needed to search the LinkedIn database using data filters, keywords, and other search engine technologies, and translate the natural query into a language that the platform’s database could understand, although now customers can naturally ask the same question.

In an age where job titles are changing rapidly, LinkedIn tries to encourage the employment of people whose skills match the demands of the job, regardless of job title or education. The company does not plan to charge additional fees for the new benefits.


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