Meta ends SMS support in Facebook Messenger

Meta has removed support for SMS text messaging from popular chat app Facebook Messenger, the company announced on its official website.

Meta will close support for SMS messages in the Messenger application starting on the twenty-eighth of next September.

Users will be able to rely on the Messenger application to manage various other messages, and Android users will have to select another application for text messages, knowing that the system will automatically move to the text messaging application installed by default in the system, and any messages already on the device will not be lost.

In the Android system, there is a Google Messages application for managing SMS text messages.

Meta – Facebook at the time – added text messaging support in Messenger in 2016, with the aim of making the app the center of all messages, including messenger messages sent over the Internet or traditional text messages.

Meta did not explain why it shut down SMS support in Messenger, which could be due to the company’s desire to focus on other intrinsic features of the app, low uptake, or it could be to develop it and then relaunch it again.

It is noteworthy that Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application issued in 2011 as an application independent of Facebook to communicate with friends on the platform, and provides the advantages of text chat, voice and video calls, sharing photos and videos, sending money, playing games, and others.


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