Meta gives Facebook logo and updated feedback

Meta launched the first phase of Facebook’s updated identity system, which focuses on enhancing exploration and communication, where the platform received a revamped logo in deep blue with a few small tweaks to create what the company claims is a bolder and more powerful updated design.

The social media company said: “The exact change in the logo includes an expression of the basic blue color of the Facebook platform,” and this change does not appear at first glance noticeable.

Meta explained that changing the logo to lowercase makes it more visually accessible in the app with stronger contrast to distinguish the letter.

The company wanted to make sure that the updated logo looked familiar and dynamic, as these subtle and important changes allowed for visual balance with the feeling of launch.

Meta highlighted three main drivers behind the evolution of the Facebook logo:

  1. Promote branding iconic elements to create a distinctive and renewed Facebook identity.
  2. Unify how the Facebook brand looks across different products.
  3. Create a wide range of colors based on the base blue color so that they are inclusive and vibrant.

The company used its custom Facebook Sans font to redesign the text tag and logo in order to access the new identity and improve overall visibility across Facebook, as the new enhancements achieve greater harmony across the entire design as a key element of the app’s identity.

In addition to the logo, the company has also developed a new color palette, designing and optimizing a new range of colors, tones and contrast ratios unique to the Facebook brand for easy access, with blue remaining the primary color.

Through the expanded color palette, the company brought more emotion to feedback, adjusting the colors to conform to accessibility guidelines, so icons are clear of any size, flexible enough to meet different needs, and easy for people to interact with.

Reactions are a visual way for people to respond to a post, comment, or story, and a useful way for people to express themselves as they interact with what they discover on Facebook.

Meta completely rebuilt the icon system to suit the wide range of expressions. “We are able to bring our brand to life through this design system, enabling dynamic and effortless exploration,” said Meta.

This initial version of the app’s design updates includes a redesigned logo and text tag, as well as an updated color palette, feedback and icons, and in the future the company plans to roll out more updates.

These enhancements create a consistent, personalized, and seamless experience for the billions of people who interact with Facebook every day to explore, connect and share with each other.

The company is committed to further evolving Facebook’s design to meet people’s needs, making it easier to explore their interests, as its focus remains on creating people-centered experiences.

It makes sense for Meta to slightly tweak Facebook’s logo rather than completely redesign it, as the company notes that the platform sees two billion daily active users.

This means that any visual change is seen by many people, which is why Meta chooses to make relatively small adjustments to what is considered one of the most popular logos in the field of technology, as the Facebook logo has undergone a number of changes over the years, ranging from the square border logo to the current round design.


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