Meta plans to release paid versions of Facebook and Instagram without ads

Meta plans to make paid versions of its proprietary social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram available, allowing users to pay subscriptions for not showing ads.

The Economic Times, citing sources familiar with Meta, reported that subscriptions to its social networks – currently available free of charge – would be available in EU countries in response to regulatory pressures.

The sources claimed that users who would pay subscriptions to Facebook and Instagram would not see ads within their apps, noting that Meta’s plans remain “secret” so far.

This could help Meta reduce privacy concerns and audits by EU regulators by giving users an alternative to its ad-based services, which in turn rely on analyzing users’ data and activity on the platform.

Meta will continue to make free versions of its social platforms available within the EU.

It is not yet known how much or when the company will charge for paid editions, nor is it known if Meta plans to make them available outside the EU.

Over the past two decades, the company’s business model has relied on providing its social networks to all users for free, and selling advertisements to companies and business owners to reach the target audience.

Meta’s plans to make its social networks ad-free in exchange for paying for specific subscriptions are a major change in the company’s business model, in line with privacy, data collection and other policies that many countries around the world, especially the European Union, have begun to enforce.


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