Telegram adds stories feature to channels

The social media platform Telegram has launched a new update that includes several new features, including the availability of the “Stories” feature within channels.

The Stories feature within Telegram channels works through a new system called the “Boosts System”, where Telegram users subscribed to the “Premium” system can give their favorite channels the ability to publish stories by giving them “Boosts”. Each premium account has one boost that can be granted to any channel.

The platform says on its official blog that whenever a channel gets additional boosts, its score rises. With each score the channel reaches, it has the ability to publish an additional story throughout the day.

Telegram premium subscribers can transfer their boost from one channel to another after 24 hours, and channel owners can request reinforcements from subscribers via a dedicated link that can be obtained from the channel’s information page.

Telegram allows users and channel owners to add stickers within stories to interact with them by clicking on those stickers, and regular users can add one sticker, while premium subscribers can add up to 5 stickers in the story, and a clip or audio recording can be added to stories.

In addition to improvements in the Stories feature, Telegram announced other features such as the “one-time view” feature that allows sharing photos and videos with others, and then disappears automatically after seeing them without the recipient being able to save them or take a screenshot.

The platform revealed a new modification to the security alerts feature, which now appears directly at the top of conversations when you log in to the same account on another device.

Telegram said that the new update includes dozens of fixes and improvements in the iOS and Android application, and can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


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