Telegram announces the integration of a cryptocurrency wallet

The instant messaging service Telegram has unveiled a built-in cryptocurrency wallet feature that allows users to easily access their cryptocurrency holdings.

Users who previously interacted with the automated account will notice @wallet a new section dedicated to the cryptocurrency wallet within their Telegram list.

The disclosure came as part of the TOKEN2049 conference, where the TON Foundation announced its partnership with Telegram.

During the conference, the two organizations announced their commitment to provide automated account integration @wallet a portal to nearly 800 million Telegram users worldwide, excluding the United States.

This expanded feature will see full deployment starting in November.

The Russian company has committed to granting TON projects and associated partners the privilege of access to its advertising platform as part of the company.

For its part, TON has unveiled a plan to interact with 30 percent of Telegram’s user base by 2028.

The company’s official announcement at a TOKEN2049 conference attracted great attention, as the presentation and event images added to the buzz.

By integrating the automated account @wallet directly into the app menu, the instant messaging platform aims to democratize access to cryptocurrencies for its vast user base, with the exception of users located in the United States.

It is noteworthy that the Telegram announcement comes after researchers specialized in the field of cybersecurity revealed the presence of fake Telegram applications spread in the Google Play Store in specific geographical areas.


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