YouTube introduces new tools for audience information analysis

YouTube has announced some new analytical updates, including a look at why subscribers are unsubscribing from the channel, which could help with future planning.

In addition, YouTube also provides specific insights into how old and new viewers interact with content separately, a useful feature for planning.

The platform has added a new element in studio analytics that provides separate metrics for old and new viewers, helping to understand what new viewers are watching.

YouTube said: “Before the launch of this new feature, creators were able to see how many old or new viewers, or how many views they got from all viewers.”

“Creators now have the ability to see how different audiences view content, which means creators can now see how many views they’ve got from new viewers and compare them to views from old viewers.”

This is useful in content planning for creators looking to expand the audience by knowing how many new viewers are watching each clip, as it can be better planned based on what those visitors are interested in.

YouTube also added the “Old and New Viewers” tab, which provides creators with a dedicated space to analyze content performance based on audience segments.

Expanded data sorting options provide more context in terms of what attracts views within each segment, giving the content creator more context to plan, and can be a key guide in the process.

The platform also continues to expand analytics cards with new listings that provide insight into channel memberships. The new cards provide more context about the total number of members, as well as videos that attract more subscriptions.

This is a useful feature for understanding audience behavior, so the creator can analyze everything related to segments that are popular for paying members.

YouTube is also adding a new card that provides context for why people choose to cancel membership. The platform said: “Upon cancellation of their membership in the channel, we ask the member to provide the reason for the cancellation through an optional survey. We collect this data and display it in a separate card across the membership segment.

“By understanding why members cancel their memberships, content creators can gain valuable insights into potential improvements or changes to content or membership offerings.”

These updates are useful and detailed for the data, and may play a key role in YouTube content planning.


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