YouTube is testing playable games

YouTube is experimenting with games as its next beta offering, as the company has added a new section for games across the site, which includes games that are playable across both the web version and mobile devices.

After moving toward music, television, live game streaming and podcasting, YouTube has now begun a public test of the Playable Gaming initiative, which adds games to the video-sharing platform.

Earlier this year, the initiative first appeared on YouTube as an online gaming product, and few details were available at the time as employees were testing it.

Playable games will only appear to a limited number of users, and at this time there is no list of published game names.

Stack Bounce is one of the games available in the new YouTube Playable Gaming Experience, where the game includes a three-dimensional ball that bounces over rings that you have to smash with clicks at the right time.

Google provides this game through its small game service GameSnacks. To check if you’re included in the gaming experience, look for the new YouTube playable games section along with the content in your home feed.

Bringing games to YouTube means that the platform has another form of entertainment under its brand, such as short videos, movies, video game streaming, music, TV service, audio streaming, and more.

The platform said: “We have started testing a new experience called Playable Games, which are games that can be played directly via YouTube through the web and mobile version. We test this effort with a limited number of users. You can view and control your playable gaming history through YouTube History.”

It is noteworthy that YouTube is not the only video streaming platform working in the field of gaming, as Netflix has entered the field of video games, and the social media application TikTok also contains games available to a limited number of people and has tried allowing streamers to play with viewers in addition to the live information contest with cash prizes.

Google’s gaming efforts evaporated when it shut down cloud streaming service Stadia in January, and plans for Chromebooks with NVIDIA chips appear to have been scrapped by Google.


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